Progression and employability of artists in participatory settings

ArtWorks North East report on focus groups designed to bring together artists, academics, arts and social sector organisations in a series of critical dialogues, research projects and co-mentoring frameworks, from which will emerge a better understanding of progression and employability where artists are engaging in participatory settings. ArtWorks North East hosted the first Focus Group meetings in Creative Writing, Dance and Drama, Music, Visual Arts and Film/Media/Animation during spring 2012. Artists (newly qualified, mid career, well established) and academics came together to discuss a range of questions associated with participatory arts practice across the North East. A facilitator led each discussion and note takers captured details of the conversations. This report provides a summary of the main findings and conclusions, the questions asked and notes of the conversations. These responses will be used to inform the pilot stage of course design and delivery which will start in early 2013.