Academics' perceptions of arts work in participatory settings

This report was commissioned by ArtWorks North East as part of research into the scope of existing participatory practice across the North East region, looking at how artists learn to develop and what forms this learning takes. The interviews aimed to gather information from a range of people working in the academic (HE) arts community about how they perceived artist /media practitioner engagement with arts in participatory settings in their own teaching, practice and research. The interviews took place between March and April 2012, with 26 academics across all five universities, and across the following five themes:

  • Creative Writing

  • Media

  • Dance and Drama

  • Visual Arts

  • Music

Interviewees were drawn from all levels of staff, from Assistant Lecturer to Professor/Head of Department, and included staff whose teaching contained or focused on participatory practice as well as those whose teaching did not cover this subject.