Shh... Things We Don't Talk About

"Shh... Things We Don't Talk About" is out and there is blood on the roses.

"An embarrassed silence, a red face, a mumbled apology... What have you just said? Why has the room gone quiet?"

Shh... Things We Don't Talk About

This art exhibition from Angela Sandwith, Barrie West and Maggie Parker is free to visit until November 18th at
Greenfield Arts.

Or maybe you want to meet the artists, ask what you like, give an opinion, have a cup of tea, and talk about “Shh... Things We Don’t Talk About”.

Where & When?
Monday November 16th, 3pm - 4pm.
Greenfield Arts. Free admission.

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Monday 10am - 9pm
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For enquiries please contact:
Or phone us on: 01325 379 048

Shh... the artists