"ArtWorks North East Criminal Justice Workshop"

Workshop outline on working in a criminal justice setting (1 of 2)

Outline for ArtWorks North East Criminal Justice Workshop 1: Context based arts projects Roles of an artist in criminal justice settings Critical factors in developing as a participatory artist in criminal justice settings Communication of ideas effectively with the client group Group dynamics, processes and stages Reflection on skills and practice

Text / Date: 10.01.2014

Presentation on criminal justice case study

Presentation on Gettin’ There by artist Tommy Anderson used as a case study in ArtWorks North East Criminal Justice Workshop 1. The project involved engaging participants in a series of visual arts, music and animation workshops. Participants produced an animation reflecting the experiences and aspirations of young people living in Newcastle exploring their current environments and […]

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The Business

About this section This section provides information about the business side of working as an artist in participatory. Voluntary Arts briefings are a good source of information for this and the briefings are downloadable free of charge following an initial sign up. Artworks Cymru’s Quality Principles provide a framework for ensuring quality in the filed of […]

Date: 05.09.2013


About this section This section provides an overview of the resources available on this website which we hope will inspire you and help in your participatory arts practice. Our resources include: text documents, slides and presentations, videos, links to websites and links to blogs. Text documents Text documents prepared for our short courses series include […]

Date: 05.09.2013