"ArtWorks North East Health Workshop"

Arts and dementia activities

Activities used in ArtWorks North East Health Workshop 2: Warm up – no music/with music Prop/sensory workshop with flower and gardening theme Timeslips

Text / Date: 10.01.2014

Do's and don'ts of arts and dementia

Arts and dementia do’s and don’ts used in ArtWorks North East Health Workshop 2: Three-way communication Different levels of activity combined into one arts activity Pointers for a successful workshop Imagination inspiring reminiscence How to set up an arts and dementia workshop

Text / Date: 10.01.2014

Workshop outline on working in a health setting

Outline for ArtWorks North East Health Workshop 2 with specific focus on arts and dementia: Arts and dementia – in the field and evidence of successes Dementia themed warm up Prop/sensory workshop example Timeslips Dos and don’ts Design a creative workshop

Text / Date: 10.01.2014

Public mental health messages

The Five Ways to Wellbeing is a set of evidence-based public mental health messages aimed at improving the mental health and wellbeing of the whole population. This document was used in ArtWorks North East Health Workshop 1.  

Text / Date: 10.01.2014

New resource - arts and dementia do's and don'ts

Artist Claire Ford’s do’s and don’ts of approaching arts and dementia activities used in ArtWorks North East Health Workshop 2. View resource Image: artist Claire Ford’s engAGE project

Text / Date: 01.10.2013

The Business

About this section This section provides information about the business side of working as an artist in participatory. Voluntary Arts briefings are a good source of information for this and the briefings are downloadable free of charge following an initial sign up. Artworks Cymru’s Quality Principles provide a framework for ensuring quality in the filed of […]

Date: 05.09.2013


About this section This section provides an overview of the resources available on this website which we hope will inspire you and help in your participatory arts practice. Our resources include: text documents, slides and presentations, videos, links to websites and links to blogs. Text documents Text documents prepared for our short courses series include […]

Date: 05.09.2013

Exploring Contexts

About this section This section explores the range of contexts or settings in which participatory arts may take place. The contexts shown here are community, criminal justice, education, health, youth work and cross-contextual settings. These specific settings reflect the content of our short courses series. Use the search box above to access further resources about […]

Date: 05.09.2013